About Us

Coventry Minibus has been running as a business for an extremely long time and this amounts to well over a decade. Our expansion has been visible due to the number of customers we have acquired. We now specialise in providing for individuals, businesses, families and many other outlets with cost effective value for money minibus hire. We also provide a joint and separate coach hire facility. We guarantee that all of our vehicles are chauffeur driven by properly trained drivers.

We also have a call centre team who provide customer service under a 24 hour basis. They deal with online quotes by assessing them carefully in order to match them with vehicle, price and convenience. We also assess the travelling time and onboard facilities as part of our educated search. We do not have targets for successful sales as we are not a hard selling firm, however we do have a target of fifteen minutes for provision of a suitable quote from time of receiving the online form.

Instant quotes can also be gained from our telephone teams by simply calling our designated help line.

Over the past few years we have been recognised by various local newspapers in and around Manchester for our reliability and professional conduct.