16 Seater Minibus Hire Coventry

16 Seater Minibus Hire Coventry

16 Seater minibus hire coventry

When in Coventry city and in need of reliable minibus hire services, consider the special services provided by Minibus Hire in Coventry. The company always endeavours to offer high-class minibus hire services to all clients. The 16 seater minibus is one among the top of the range minibuses on offer and it is an excellent option for transportation of small groups to various destinations and events. Our 16 seater minibus hire offers transport to Coventry and the cities around. Some of the events and services available are listed below.

? School trips and sports teams

? Days and nights out

? Stag and hen parties

? Race days

? Airport transfers

? Birthdays

? Sporting events

? Weddings

? Golf and fishing trips

Minibus Hire in Coventry offers the 16 seater minibus in three distinct classes. There is the Standard 16 seater minibus that is suitable for ordinary day events including sporting events, school trips for children from one destination within CV1 to another. The executive 16 seater minibus that mainly exudes a professional atmosphere and is best suited for business trips and other events that require a touch of class. Lastly, the luxurious16 seater minibus is ideal for luxury travels and has a broad range of thrilling features.

Generally, Minibus Hire in Coventry focuses on offering 16 seater minibuses with excellent features, and that provide clients with the comfort they need as they travel throughout Coventry and the surrounding area. From the interior, these minibuses depict a sense of style and comfort. They have ergonomic leather seats designed to offer our clients maximum comfort all through. The interiors are decorated to ensure that all passengers relax during the journey.

Advantages of 16 Seater Minibuses

? All desired destinations distances are covered

? Professional drivers for hire

? Flexible minibus services

? Quotes are free

? Focus on saving cost as the cost per passenger is of great value

? No delays, our minibuses are precisely where you need them to be

? Environmental conservation is promoted as no multiple emissions from several minibuses

? You all start your trip at once, enjoying each travel moment together

? Petrol and maintenance costs are minimised

? No fears of fatigue, especially after long flights, sit back and relax as you are driven to your destination